2018 Sportsmanship Initiative

UpdatedThursday January 25, 2018 byPat Moore.

2018 Sportsmanship Initiative

Teams Play, Fans Cheer, Refs Officiate and everyone Stays Positive!


We are hoping all participants in our program see this email.  It is a great summary of our initiative.

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Folowing is the pre-game prayer we are using for all games this year.  We want to publicize a common message for all games.

  Click here for pre-game prayer

We know no one will experience a perfectly officiated game but we are always looking for opportunities to improve.  Click on the following to complete a survey for a South Central Basketball Game.

   BB2018 Game Survey

We are looking for good definitions of sportsmanship.  Add your thoughts to the following and we'll publish outstanding definitions on this page.

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No one enjoys a game where the difference in score is huge.  We are looking for suggestions on reducing such games and would appreciate comments from winning and losing teams in the following google doc.

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The following spread sheet has scoring differentials for all games to date sorted by league and sooring differentials sorted from high to lowest.

   Click HERE to download the spread sheet.

Sportsmanship Comments for First Week of Play:

We completed our first week of play.  We are still collecting collecting/keying data but following are some comments.

- We did not get a sportsmanship mark for all teams but most of the scores gave a marking of stellar or average.  We realze this is subjective but still useful information.

- We had one double technical called on 2 players, 1 technical called on a coach, technicals called on two players, and two comments on the coaching style of the head coach.  We typically do not start the season with technicals but I guess that is better than ending the season with technicals

- We know the common prayer was not used in some gyms.


Three Great Stories from Week 1

A boys' team had a comfortable lead by the fourth quarter.  Rather than stalling or playing keep away, the team ran its regular plays but limited shooting to one player thus minimizing more baskets.  The home team was appreciative of the good sportsmanship exhibited by the coach and players. 

The 5GA team from St Paul started the game with 5 players but was down to 4 players.  At that time, the St Gerard Majella team elected to play with 4 players also.

The scorekeepers comment for the 8GAB game at Annunciation on Friday 1/5 between Annunciation and Villa was "Fun.  Loud fans and hard playing girls with smiles.  Tons of cheering and sportsmanship."

Sportsmanship Comments for Second Week of Play:

We had one fan approach a coach after the game in the parking lot to comment on the coaching style.  We had one technica called on a coach and one technical called on a player.  Two of the games with big scoring differentials resulted in unacceptable behavior.  Part of the coaching challenge is making the game enjoyable for everyone.

Sportsmanship Comments for Third Week of Play:

We had a double technical foul called, technicals called on two coaches, and a fan running on the court after a game to fuss.

Three Good Stories from Week 2

One of our scorekeepers took the time to compliment the great attitude of a coach.  We won't identify the one coach because we know we have multiple great volunteer coaches.

At the suggestion of the opposing team, two teams worked to get a bucket for an infrequent scorer.  Although the multiple shots did not result in a bucket, this was a great effort.

The environment for a game is better when everyone know the results.  We've had some questions on when players can enter the lane after a free throw.  Here is a summary.

-     Players within a marked lane space may leave the space when the ball is released from the shooter's hand.
-     All other players, including the shooter, may not cross their corresponding lines until the ball hits the ring, backboard or the free throw ends. 


Check out our banner.  You should see it in every gym to reinforce our 2018 common message.