Basketball Schedules/Results

UpdatedTuesday February 25, 2020 byPat Moore.

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12/28/2019  11:26 AM

A number of changes have been made to league schedules and more are expected.  That is because we have lost some gym slots and we have some changes in the structure of leagues.  The changes have been communicated to Lay Directors.  Please review your schedules.

12/29/2019  10:04 AM

More changes have been made due to changes in the structure of leagues.  Please review your schedules.





Basketball Schedules/Results

To view Results and Standings or Standings, click on the choice for the grade/gender found below.  There are two options for each grade and gender.

Click to Download Excel File of 2020 Schedule by Gym        

Click to Download a Excel File of 2020  Schedule by League    

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2019 Unscheduled Games

The following link provides a list of gym slots available for re-scheduling games.  The column labeled Assignments indicates the leagues for which the slot was marked for the auto scheduler.  This gives an idea of the grade/gender for the slot.  Usage of the slot must be approved by the parish Lay Director.  Reschedules are orchestrated by Lay Directors.  If you are a coach looking to re-schedule, reach out to your Lay Director after you have determined an open slot that works for your game.  The Lay Director will make the arrangements for the re-schedule.

2020 Unused Gym Slots


Use the following links to determine the league for your team.  Ih these lists, the teams are sorted by grade, gender, team name, and finally league.

League Lookup for Boys

League Lookup for Girls


 2020 Schedules/Results                        2020 Standings 

3Boys Schedule and Results                   3Boys Standings

3Girls Schedule and Results                   3Girls Standings

4Boys Schedule and Results                   4Boys Standings                       

4Girls Schedule and Results                   4Girls Standings   

5Boys Schedule and Results                   5Boys Standings

5Girls Schedule and Results                   5Girls Standings                 

6Boys Schedule and Results                   6Boys Standings

6Girls Schedule and Results                    6Girls Standings    

7Boys Schedule and Results                   7Boys Standings                       

7Girls Schedule and Results                    7Girls Standings    

8Boys Schedule and Results                    8Boys Standings

8Girls Schedule and Results                    8Girls Standings


Current As Of:    2/25/2020  6:16 AM

Column Headings for 2019 Standings:

TWIns:  # Games Won.  Used for League Standings.  (GWin + FCW)

TLoss:  # Games Lost.  Used for League Standings.  (GLoss + FCL)

TTies:  # Played Games Tied

Ply:  # Games Played (GWin+GLoss+Tied)

AvgScrd:  Average Points Scored

AvgAllw:  Average Points Allowed

GWin:  # Played Games Won.

GLoss:  # Played Games Lost.

FCW:  # Games Won by Forfeit or Cancellation

FCL:  # Games Lost by Forfeit or Cancellation

CancW:  # Games Canceled due to Weather (e.g., Snow)

Games:  Number of Scheduled Games.



Tips from the CYC Director

Scoring DIfferentials >20

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