Basketball Rules

UpdatedFriday January 3, 2020 byPat Moore.

Basketball Rules

We are following the CYC rules with the exception of two rules list at the end of this page.  We continue to expect players to participate in both halves of the game and to play a minimum of 25%.

Click here to see the CYC Basketball Rulebook.

Click here to see the 2020 CYC Rules for Grades 3 and 4


Exception 1 (For grades 5-8):

Press Rules (modification of Rule 9, Section 13 of the CYC Basketball Rulebook)

A.    7th and 8th Grade A/B Leagues:  Backcourt pressure may be applied throughout the game.


B.    5th and 6th Grades and 7th and 8th Grade C Leagues:  Backcourt pressure on throw-ins may be applied only in the last 2 minutes of the game and in any overtime period.  Backcourt pressure may be applied on live balls at any time; for example on a turnover or on a rebound.


Exception:  In all divisions, backcourt pressure may not be applied by the defensive team on throw-ins or live balls if they are winning by 20 or more points.


In “No Press” situations, the offensive team shall be allowed to bring the ball into the front court without being pressed by the defensive team when the ball is controlled in the backcourt.  The defensive team must remain behind the “No Press Line” (6 feet from the mid-court division line, which is the bottom of the center restraining circle extended to both sidelines) until front court status has been established by the offensive team.  This is defined as both feet and the ball being in the front court.


Exception 2 (For grades 3-4):

No Trapping for Grades 3 and 4.


No trapping   Deliberate double-teaming, where two defensive players guard a single offensive player, is not allowed anywhere on the court at any time during the game.  This activity is obvious when it occurs far away from the basket and the defensive team attempts to pin the offensive player against a sideline or the mid-court division line.  Situations “in traffic,” especially near the basket, will not be considered trapping -- e.g., the offensive player attempts to dribble between two defensive players, two players react instinctively to an offensive move, or two players are simply confused about whom to guard.


       Violations and Penalties:  A warning shall be issued to the coach and team for the first offense.  After the first warning, failure to heed cautions from the referees may result in a team technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.  This foul is not assessed against a player or coach.